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VP-CMO first saw service in 1979 with Singapore Airlines, before entering service in 1985 with Alaska Airlines. Following this, it saw conversion into a private passanger jet for the next 24 years prior to dismantling by GJD Services in 2023. 


The Boeing 727 is an American narrow-body airliner that was developed and produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. After the heavier 707 quad-jet was introduced in 1958, Boeing addressed the demand for shorter flight lengths from smaller airports. In 1960, the 727 was launched with 40 orders each from United Airlines and Eastern Air Lines. The first 727-100 rolled out in 1962, first flew on February 9, 1963, and entered service with Eastern in 1964, being the only trijet aircraft to be produced by Boeing.


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Singapore Airlines 727 Component Record

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