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RAF Tornado RB199 Jet Engine Compressor Disc

RAF Tornado RB199 Jet Engine Compressor Disc


New great and rare piece for sale

A very unique item. Would make a great piece of décor. Can be turned into a clock, mirror or picture frame. Would make a great present. Impress your loved one, family member or friend who loves aircraft.


The jet engine Compressor Disc is made of titanium from an original decommissioned a RB199 jet engine, found in Tornado aircraft. The Disc has been cleaned. May have some glue residue. Not child friendly.

Measurements:  38,3cm. Depth: 4cm. 


Aircraft and engine registration unknown.


Please note: If you are buying outside of the UK you will have to contact us directly to arrange shipping prices. When you purchase the product at check out, you will still need to pay additional charges for shipping.

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