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 747 Cargo Bay Door Operating Panelfrom 747-400M VQ-BWM. VQ-BWM started life with KLM in 1999 under the registration PH-BFV 'City of Vancouver', serving faithfully until her purchase by Longtail Aviation as a Cargo aircraft in 2021. The aircraft was used in operation for just under 25 years before decomissioning and dismantling in July of 2024. 


The 747-400 was first rolled out in 1989, being a long-range wide-body airliner produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, an advanced variant of the initial Boeing 747. The -400 retains the 747 airframe, including the 747-300 stretched upper deck, with 6-foot winglets. Boasting a two-crew glass cockpit, the 747-400 dispensed with the need for a flight engineer.


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747 Cargo Bay Door Operating Panel

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