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Super Guppy aircraft skin

Super Guppy aircraft skin


Sold in 1 square meter pieces but can be sold in other sizes subject to customer request. Ideal for any aircraft lover that is an artist at heart. Beautiful raised rivets to create your very own unique piece of nose art!


Shipping will be subject to quote depending on the size purchased. 


Known as the Super Guppy, No.1 was transformed from a Stratocruiser, C-97, using the nose section, cockpit, wings, lower nacelle, tail surfaces and MLG. The nose wheel is a Boeing 707 rotated 180°. In service the aircraft had Alison T-56 turboprop engines, with cowlings and turboprop from P-3 Orion. The propellers and spinners were from a C-130 Hercules. An exceptional design for its time that has evolved into the Beluga that we see in our skies today.

The first flight was 24th August 1970, in Santa Barbara. The Super Guppy was the only aircraft capable of carrying the third stage of the Saturn V rocket at the time. Between the Guppy family they carried 85% of the hardware required for the Saturn and Apollo missions. It was then sold to Airbus industries in 1971. It went on to carry large items such as wing spars, as it saved disruption and congestion on roads, and was quicker.

Arrived at Bruntingthorpe at the end of its service 1st July 1996 when the engines were removed. A team of volunteers refitted the propellers before the Guppy restoration team carried on the preservation. They have since spent many back-breaking hours maintaining and restoring the Guppy up until the end of its life.  

It was visited and enjoyed by so many over the years at Bruntingthorpe and this is your opportunity to keep the memory of this completely unique piece of aviation alive for future generation.


Please note: If you are buying outside of the UK and Europe you will have to contact us directly to arrange shipping prices. When you purchase the product at check out, you will still need to pay additional charges for shipping.

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